Drinking water systems

Processes and equipment for their production, processing, transmission and distribution from: Water Surface and groundwater.

Complete equipment replacement membranes. .
Portamembranas tubes.
Repuestos packaging and supplies.

Media filters.
Activated carbon filters.
Filter cartridges: polyester, foam, silver, resin.
Filter Housings: stainless steel., PVC, nitrylo, etc.
Tanks and automatic heads.

Metering pumps.
Multicellular pumps.

Complete equipment.
Automatic heads.
Ion exchange resins.
FRP Tanks.

Compact water treatment plants.
Equipment for water treatment process.

TDS Meters, turbidity, etc.
Process Controllers, pH, ORP.

UV equipment. Replacement lamps and shirts. .
Air and water ozonators.
Chlorine dioxide..