Water and Effluent Treatment

Since 1991, we have developed a dynamic and experienced structure that can make versus market requirements. We have the latest technology.


The current urban and industrial development demands the use of the most modern existing processes in the world market for the design and construction of water treatment systems and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater.


Using the best available technologies for each application by optimizing the relation between cost/benefits.


We participate in the selection and in the technical-commercial management associated to the equipment used in the project under study with our customers, to develop the most demanding processes, in the country and abroad.


Wastewater treatment plants, all kind of electromechanical installations, command, control and instrumentation. Our experts transfer their level of expertise to our customers and their personnal so us to achive, in a short time, the agreed service.

The environmental preservation is of great importance and we all have the responsibility of the sustainable management of the natural resources.

plantas de tratamiento de efluentes industriales Serviur

About us

Serviur Inc. is a service that involves engineering, supply, installation and start up of high-tech systems and equipment for water and effluent treatment.

Since 1991 the company has developed an experienced and dynamic structure that can deal with growing market requirements, backed by state-of-the-art technology to comply with all regulations in force, both in potable water, wastewater and disposal of sludge.

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